Our Services

CNC Machining

General and precision CNC engineering at consistently high standards has given us a reputation for quality and service that we are very proud of. We always put customer needs first and make sure that although our focus is on the machining, we can also provide essential additional services such as design, fabrication, assembly and worldwide delivery. This gives customers a one stop shop from design to despatch.

Beyond the components we can manufacture for you, we also provide in depth advice and recommendations on additional services we offer, such as design alterations and improvements or the best possible finish ensuring a robust component that will handle exactly what you expect from it.

No matter what your requirements for component engineering, manufacturing and general engineered metalwork put it in the hands of the specialists at Benchmark Engineering; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation quotation with one of our friendly team.

Prototyping and short runs

We’re more than happy to work on short runs or prototyping projects. This will enable us, if you require,to establish the most cost effective way of volume producing the parts you need.

Our experienced team can make fast work of set ups and preparations with our equipment so that costs are minimised even if you just want a few components run off.

Coatings and specialist finishes

Through a variety of specialist partners we can arrange a diverse range of finishes and coatings for your components. From high grade polishes or gold plating to simple powder coatings and practical finishes such as chrome plating, zinc plating or anodising to ensure a robust finished article that can withstand the worst possible weather and toughest treatment.

Engineering Design

From simple metal parts fabrication to complex designs, our high precision multi-axis CNC machining, qualified production team and practical metals engineering experience combine to deliver the best results. We can also assist with design development and offer expert advice on ways to improve the functionality or manufacturability of your machined product.