About Us

Benchmark Engineering is a precision CNC machine shop located in Perth, Western Australia. We specialise in quality, on-time, close tolerance parts offering the very best in general and precision engineering services.

We are committed to ongoing investment in machine tools, ensuring the latest technology is always to hand, networked and integrated in the best way possible to streamline processes, boost efficiency and ultimately offer our customers faster turnarounds at highly competitive rates.

We are strong believers in providing exceptional customer service, always working to improve what we offer in the interest of developing and maintaining long term relationships. For us, familiarity breeds efficiency. Accuracy is our priority, making time to understand our customers needs and time frames, enables us to tailor our production facilities to meet each client’s requirements.

Throughout our company history we have worked in a diverse range of sectors and industries creating a vast range of components, from standalone parts to fully working models. Many of these parts have been used in the fields of aviation, automotive, mining, medical, food processing, defence and many more. The few things common to everything we offer are professionalism, reliability and personalised customer service.

Our expertise means that beyond the single component we have manufactured for you, we can also provide in depth advice and recommendations on additional services we can offer, design alterations and improvements or the best possible finish ensuring a robust component that can handle exactly what you expect from it.